Pectoral Blue & Gold

The Ancestral Path


Selected Features

  • Hand-made
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • 40 hours of work


This fantastic pectoral is called Mó Dó, which translates to The Ancestral Path, a representation of the tribe’s conception of life. This piece pays tribute to Earth as The Mother and provider of all. The Emberā-Chamí are a very spiritual people, they believe that everything and everyone has a soul, as a result their pieces are highly symbolical.

The patterns always carry a specific meaning, they are an open window into the Emberā-Chamí, history, culture and traditions. The big triangles represent the Andes, and the small triangles represent the tribe’s ancestral dwellings. The fringes represent Kué, the rain. The piece is finished with natural stones.

Colors have specific meanings in Emberā-Chamí culture. Blue, pācuārā, represents the sky, water and space. Gold, chikuārā, represents the culture, its riches and the happiness of being alive.

Additional information

Origin: Pereira, Colombia

Gladys Nacavera


925 Sterling silver, Czech glass bead


⌀ 35 cms


Emberá-Chamí Community, Pereira, Colombia



Weaving Time

40 hours

Note This is a hand-made product. Variations in size and small imperfections can be present in the product.