Medium Pectoral Grey, Teal, Red & Lime

“Crown to The Sun”


Selected Features

  • Hand-made
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • 40 hours of work


This beautiful pectoral is called Umadā Boró, which translates to Crown to the Sun, a tribute to The Sun, the source of life on Earth and often revered by ancestral peoples. It represents Emberā-Chamí thought and wisdom. The Emberā-Chamí are a very spiritual people, they believe that everything and everyone has a soul, as a result their pieces are highly symbolical.

The patterns always carry a specific meaning, they are an open window into the Emberā-Chamí, history, culture and traditions. The shape of the necklace alludes to the rays of the sun.

Colors have specific meanings in Emberā-Chamí culture. Green,  parā, represents nature lusciousness, the fauna and flora found in ancestral territory. Blue, pācuārā, symbolises water, fluidity and vitality. Red, chipur, symbolizes the Emberā-Chamí race. Silver symbolizes light and spirituality.

Additional information

Origin: Pereira, Colombia

Edilson Tanigama Nacavera


925 Sterling silver, Czech glass bead


Emberá-Chamí Community, Pereira, Colombia



Weaving Time

40 hours

Note This is a hand-made product. Variations in size and small imperfections can be present in the product.