Dākhi Drūa Dākhi Mō 

“Ancestral Land – The Path to The Mountain”


Selected Features

  • Hand-made
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Miyuki Delica glass bead
  • 10 hours of work


This piece represents Dākhi Drūa Dākhi Mō Dē, which translates to the ancestral land and the path to the mountain. The Emberā-Chamí people still hold very strong ties to their ancestral lands. The members of the tribe still living in their territory, live in harmony with the planet, and in a self-sustaining way. Mother Earth provides the essential things for survival: food, shelter and medicine, and the people honor and respect her through their customs, rituals and traditions. Honouring their ancestral land and a longing to return, for those that are no longer there, are recurring themes in Emberā-Chamí philosophy, symbology and art, as their identity is tightly linked to their original land.

The colors have specific meanings to the Emberā-Chamí. White, chïtör, symbolises peace, light and purity. Green, parā, symbolises nature. Yellow, chikuarā, represents the sun, gold, abundance and happiness.

Additional information

Origin: Pereira, Colombia

Edilson Tanigama Candido


925 Sterling silver, Miyuki Delica glass bead


L: 18cms W: 6cms


Emberá-Chamí Community, Pereira, Colombia



Weaving Time

10 hours

Note This is a hand-made product. Variations in size and small imperfections can be present in the product.