Bucket Bag Fuchsia & Electric Blue Stripes

“The Start of a Kanasü”


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Selected Features

  • Hand-made
  • Single Thread Crochet
  • Protected Denomination of Origin
  • UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • 100 hours of work


The pattern on this bag represents the first Kanasü taught to little girls when they first start weaving.
The Kanasü or Kanaso’u are the most emblematic aspect of a Wayúu bag and perhaps the most representative of their culture.

Kanasü are the drawings crocheted on each bag, they represent the lives, the environment and the things that the Wayúu women hold dear or important. They are taught from mother to daughter from generation to generation, since pre-Colombian times. Weaving is the quintessential activity of a Wayúu woman and the knowledge is kept in their minds and hearts. No paper patterns are used. Such is the talent of a Wayúu woman.

Colors don’t have specific meanings for the Wayúu. However, as the bag is meant to capture a piece of the artist’s life, colors are associated with the state of mind. Bright colors are often used when the artist is feeling happy or satisfied.

The Plato or bottom, is different for every bag and Wayúu artists are known for not repeating platos. They represent dear aspects of the artist’s life, such as their family, emotions or dreams.

Additional information

Origin: Barrancas, Colombia

Mari Epiayú


70% cotton, 30% acrylic


H:21cms; W:27cms


Clan Epiayú, Barrancas, Baja Guajira, Colombia


Single Thread Crochet

Weaving Time

100 hours



Note This is a hand-made product. Variations in size and small imperfections can be present in the product.