In May, We Celebrate Mothers

“Emberā werā [woman] is the one who carries the wisdom and the courage that strengthen their people everyday, so that they will hold onto their culture and never lose the teachings from their ancestors.

She is a leader, so that her children will know the pure beauty of the nature, that our God has gifted us.

The hands of the Emberā werā give us beautiful things. With her hands she captures great stories in each and every one of her crafts. She is the one who transmits great lessons through generations.”

Edilson Tanigama Nacavera
Leader Asociación Jaipono

There is no purer love than that of a mother, from the moment they first hold us in their arms, they are there, standing, accompanying, nurturing, protecting, teaching, and loving. The love of a mother knows no boundaries. Mothers should be celebrated, respected, and loved everyday.

In indigenous communities, women and mothers are seen as the backbone of their societies. Beacons of wisdom and knowledge, indigenous mothers are highly revered by their communities. Their roles go beyond being homemakers, rather, they are celebrated for being the ones capable of giving life; for being the ones guarding their societies’ cultures, knowledge and traditions and for essentially keeping their societies and communities together.

Indigenous mothers are leaders who take on an important role regarding society decisions, joining indigenous governance bodies and engaging in political arenas. Indigenous mothers are a force to be reckoned with, powerful and soft; stern and loving. They are true symbols of what it means to be a mother and a woman.

We are proud to partner with beautiful and strong mothers from the Wayúu, Emberā-Chamí and Los Pastos peoples. These strong women are not only transmitting their wisdom and knowledge onto the future generations, but are also pushing their communities forward, thinking about ways to improve, develop and being of service to their communities.

For this mother’s day, we are honored to present you with a beautiful selection of objects, made with love and wisdom by these mothers. Celebrate your own mother with a truly unique work of art, symbolising love, strength and all the courage and grace that it takes to do the most challenging but most rewarding job there is: that of being a mother.

Aluna wishes all the mothers a beautiful and joyful mother’s day!