Ancestral Wisdom Agriculture, a Ritualized Practice

Lime container in the shape of a corn cob. Calima-Malagana Region. Yotoco Period -200/1300

Lime container in the shape of a corn cob

Title: Lime container in the shape of a corn cob
Creator: Calima-Malagana Region - Yotoco Period
Date: -200/1300
Physical Dimensions: w54 x h71 mm
Type: Goldwork
Location: People and Gold in Pre-Hispanic Colombia
Technique: Hammered, embossed and assembled in gold
Finding: Colombia
Accession number: O05564

Finding food was essential for a community’s survival. Activities such as hunting and fishing, agriculture and war were highly ritualized and regulated. According to Spanish chroniclers, pre-Hispanic chiefs would not engage in war without spiritual approval from the priests. Maize, the product of the Sun, was the staple food of Andean pre-Hispanic societies.