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Ancestral Wisdom A Look Into the Past for a Better Future

For time immemorial, indigenous peoples have been able to coexist in balance and harmony within their societies and with the Earth, our Mother and provider. Through the careful application of certain fundamental life principles, indigenous peoples take what they need for their sustenance, while preserving their environments. Taking and giving, in a perfectly symbiotic relationship between humans and planet.

For generations, elders, priests and leaders have passed down from generation to generation, vital life lessons, experience, knowledge and life philosophies. All meant to allow for the survival, not only of the human species, but also of every other living creature and inanimate object found in the universe.

Today, ancestral wisdom is more relevant than ever, if we are to survive as a species and heal our planet. By adopting these principles into our daily lives, we will take the firsts steps towards regeneration and a more respectful existence with our only home: Earth.

Art and crafts serve an important societal function as repositories of ancient knowledge, wisdom and experience. These artifacts serve as vessels of collective memories. Cherished, shared, enacted and respected by all.

Join us in a journey to discover these fundamental life principles through art. We welcome you to discover some of the most iconic pre-Hispanic pieces preserved by the Museo del Oro and learn about the way of living of the pre-Hispanic peoples’ descendants, that once inhabited what is known today as Colombia.