Palm Ivory

Palm ivory, also known as tagua nut, is a type of seed from the tropical rain forests of Colombia and Ecuador. It is the only natural substitute for animal ivory. The palm that produces the nut is called the elephant palm Phytelephas, which consists of six different species, found primarily in the Northern most tip of South America, in south Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and northwestern Brazil.

Palm ivory plays an important role in the preservation of the rain forest as it provides an economic incentive and an alternative to local communities to cutting down the forest for farming. In addition, as the seed’s properties are similar to that of elephant ivory, trading and raising awareness on palm ivory plays a role in the protection of elephants and other extremely endangered ivory producing animals such as the critically endangered helmeted hornbill.

When choosing our palm ivory products you can be sure that no animal, tree or human was harmed in the process.

Our palm ivory supplier is located in Bogotá and acquires the seeds directly from the local communities that harvest them. The company is a third generation family business, devoted to promoting the use of palm ivory and raising awareness about its amazing characteristics.

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