We understand responsibility as actions that we can take to produce pieces that are long lasting, of excellent quality and good for everyone involved. This is why we devote a great deal of time researching and selecting our suppliers. As a general rule we prioritize natural and locally produced materials whenever possible. We favor suppliers that can ensure the traceability of their raw materials from the very source, so that our supply chain is traceable and verified. 

Palm Ivory

Palm ivory, also known as tagua nut, is a type of seed from the tropical rain forests of Colombia and Ecuador. It is the only natural substitute for animal ivory. The palm that produces the nut is called the elephant palm Phytelephas, which consists of six different species, found primarily in the Northern most tip […]

About Palm Ivory

Recovered Silver

Our silver is reclaimed from X-ray film waste. Our partner in Bogotá focuses on buying, recovering and reclaiming metal scrap. The silver is purified to its natural state for then being sold to jewelers. On average 4,5 kg of medical x-ray film contain one troy ounce (31 grams) of pure silver. The most common technique […]

About Recovered Silver

Fairmined Gold

Our company is the first Fairmined certified jeweler in Finland, and the first Fairmined certified indigenous made jeweler in the world. Two firsts that we are extremely proud of.  The Fairmined certification was created by Alliance for Responsible Mining. The Fairmined certification was created by a gold producing country for gold producing countries, where problems […]

About Fairmined Gold