Honesty is the force that drives us. We acknowledge that there isn’t always a perfect solution to everything, therefore we want to share with our customers as accurate and transparent information as possible, always backed up by verifiable facts.

We respect all the humans involved in our operations, from our customers looking for answers to our indigenous partners, whose knowledge, traditions and culture will always take precedence in our communication and activities. We respect them not only as remarkable artisans, but also as human beings with their own individual joys and sorrows, and as crucial collective for the survival of human kind.

We are conscious that all our activities generate an impact on the planet, therefore we will strive to minimise our negative impact as much as possible. We acknowledge our responsibility in building for the better, thus we are committed to carefully sourcing the best materials, avoiding as much as possible harmful substances, chemicals, destructive practices, unnecessary shipping. We are committed to favouring local suppliers and to always look for the best possible choice to produce our products. In order to be truly conscious, we will strive to trace our materials from the very source, in order to ensure that no damage was done.

We produce objects that will be last and be cherished for generations, so caring for the details is crucial to ensure the beauty and longevity of our objects.

The world is never static and neither are we. We commit to keep on learning and improving so that our company will be a proactive agent of regeneration and change.

Note We aim to keep on improving our practices and the way we document them. If there is something you would like to know or suggest, please tell us at