Hajsú Etnomoda

Hajsú Etnomoda is a Pastos owned firm that started in 2013 as Fundación Hilando y Tejiendo Sueños, gathering 27 artisans and their families. Lead by Flor Imbacuán, Hajsú Etnomoda has a firm and clear objective, to rescue, preserve and transmit the symbolical and millenary craft of Guanga weaving. 

Los Pastos

  1. Flor Imbacúan Pantoja
  2. Rosa Cuastumal
  3. Sahara Caicedo
  4. Martha Colimba
  5. Felix Cumbal
  6. Carmen Chingal
  7. Elena Lucero
  8. Justa Ipial
  9. Ofelia Cuastumal
  10. Jenny Cumbal
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