Asociación Arte Embera

Asociación Arte Emberā is an Emberā-Chamí association gathering 20 artisans and their families. Lead by Edilson Tanigama, Asociación Arte Emberā was established in 2015 by Edilson’s father. “Our purpose is to work together to show to the world our symbolical and colorful creations”, says Edilson, who manages the association on a regular basis. Each artisan works from home at their own pace, the only condition being that they respect the delivery dates set by Edilson. Parents, uncles, aunts and children are all involved in preserving the beautiful work and meaningful culture of the Emberā-Chamí people. 


  1. Jenifer Tanigama
  2. Tatiana Guatiqui
  3. Edilson Tanigama
  4. Ludivia Nacavera
  5. Maria Siagama
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