We work hand in hand with indigenous master artisans, to ensure a smooth process and make sure that we are honoring and respecting the communities’ practices, cosmologies and symbology embedded in the objects. 

Our partner indigenous associations belong to the Emberā-Chamí, Wayúu and Los Pastos peoples, that inhabit modern-day Colombian territory. 

Our silk is produced by an association of Afro-Colombian artisans from the Cauca department in Colombia. 

We respect the choice of the artisans to have their likeness published online. Only those artisans that agreed to have their picture taken and published are featured on our website. 

Our partner associations directly support 90 artisans and their families. Our aim is to support the associations through fair income and the celebration of their art. This way, the artisans can preserve and transmit their cultural knowledge and traditions to the future generations. 

Asociación Arte Embera

Meet the Emberā-Chamí, the People of the Mountain. Masters of colorful, symbolical and gorgeous beaded jewelry.

About Asociación Arte Embera

Asociación Aretek

Meet the the daughters of Walekerü, the ever so talented Wayúu weavers.

About Asociación Aretek

Hajsú Etnomoda

Meet the Pastos people, guardians of the Andean cosmic scriptures and the millenary craft of Guanga weaving.

About Hajsú Etnomoda


Meet the pioneers of artisanal Mulberry silk production in Colombia.

About Colteseda