We work hand in hand with indigenous master artisans, to ensure a smooth process and make sure that we are honoring and respecting the communities’ practices, cosmologies and symbology embedded in the crafts and objects that we produce. 

We work with three indigenous associations belonging to the Emberā-Chamí, Wayúu and Los Pastos peoples, that inhabit modern-day Colombian territory. 

We respect the choice of the artisans to have their likeness published online. Only those artisans that agreed to have their picture taken and published are featured on our website. 

In total, we work with three associations that directly support 75 artisans and their families. 


  1. Jenifer Tanigama
  2. Tatiana Guatiqui
  3. Edilson Tanigama
  4. Ludivia Nacavera
  5. Maria Siagama

Los Pastos

  1. Rosa Cuastumal
  2. Sahara Caicedo
  3. Teresa Cuaspud
  4. Martha Colimba
  5. Felix Cumbal
  6. Ofelia Cuastumal
  7. Carmen Chingal
  8. Justa Ipial
  9. Elena Lucero
  10. Jenny Cumbal


  1. Yulitza Epieyú
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