Aluna co-designs and produces fashion and home accessories in close collaboration with indigenous nations from Colombia.

We want to perpetuate indigenous crafts and traditions and transform the way that the world perceives indigenous art, so that these remarkable artists are given the credit that they rightly deserve.

We believe in the importance of protecting, raising awareness and preserving indigenous cultures and heritage as a way of preserving human cultural diversity and our planet. Indigenous peoples are inheritors and practitioners of unique and different ways of interacting among themselves and the environment, making them crucial players in the protection of our ecosystems.

We work in direct partnership with our indigenous collaborators, so that we can support them in their development objectives. We are committed to providing knowledge and advice whenever it is sought. In addition to, transferring relevant skills, extending partnerships and funding indigenous-led social projects, in order to support the continuous building of social fabric within the communities and ensure the protection and perpetuation of ancient crafts, traditions and wisdoms, so that our partners will strengthen and empower as many members of their communities as possible.


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